The Top 3 Credit Card Readers for iPhone

lectores de tarjetas de crédito para iPhone

Are you running a business that processes a large number of transactions? Well, in current era people are no longer willing to carry cash in their physical wallet. Credit and debit cards, as well as virtual wallets, are becoming the new ways of paying for goods and services. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a credit card reader in your POS system.

However, advancement in technology is necessitating for installation of mobile-based payment processing. This means that people can purchase and complete their transactions with their cards even when you are not interacting physically.  For this to happen, you need a credit card reader for iPhone. Here are the top three such readers:


Square is a leading provider of e-commerce and online business solutions. As such, it takes the top position in this industry. The square credit card reader is a good option for small business. If you are running a craft shop or offering office solutions, this is your best option. The reason for this is that the provider charges affordable fees.

Also, upon subscribing to the option, you get a free card reader and mobile POS app. Thus, you will be able to swipe your cards while managing your business without having to be in the office.  Another benefit is that it works well with major smartphone operating systems such as Android and iPhone. Hence, if you need an easy to use and affordable credit card reader for iPhones, Square should be your first consideration.


The next affordable credit card reader is Payanywhere.  The provider boasts to be the option for traders seeking the cheapest transaction fees.  With this option, you do not pay a monthly subscription. Also, it comes with a free reader. The only charges for using this service are 2.69% per each transaction you complete. Also, you are guaranteed of next-day funding. This means that your money is sent to your account on the following day after a transaction. However, the providers mobile POS app has poor performance according to online ratings. Nevertheless, it is a good credit card reader for iPhones

Paypal Here

Even though you are new in the online arena, you have some information about PayPal. If not, it is a leading online money transfer and processing provider. With its credit card reader referred to as PayPal Here, it allows online retailers to complete their online transactions. Also, there are no monthly charges only a 2.7% of all transaction which is fairly okay.

All in all, if you are looking for credit card readers for iPhone to use in your business, consider the above options.
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