Videos are perfect for explaining stuff

Why You Need Videos to Market Your

Business Online in the 21st Century

You have probably heard it stated countless times that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, that statement is not limited to still photos alone. It also applies to videos, which compress hundreds or thousands of words into a short platform that anyone can watch and understand. Videos have also become essential for digital marketing. You may struggle to market your business without videos, especially in the 21st Century. As marketers and clients discover, videos have an appeal across the board hence more likely to produce the desired results. Below, you will see why the lack of video marketing could lead to losses. Read more

Over the last year, 81 percent of businesses have embraced videos as marketing tools up from 63 percent. That right there shows that your business is probably not enjoying as much success as it should if it has opted not to use videos.  Other than that, 60 percent of people with access to the Internet would rather spend their time watching online videos instead of television. Additionally, the next four years (up to 2022) will witness online videos making up over 82 percent of all Internet traffic by consumers. What are you doing being left behind?

However, it is worth stating that videos don’t work the same all the time. Some specific types of videos produce results, while others seem to fall on their faces. For this to happen, the videos have to focus on narrating a story. Globally, people love stories. This approach is better than being too salesy, which can be a turnoff with some of your target audience. Also, focus on creating the best introduction to not only capture the audience’s attention but also motivate them to continue watching to see what you are selling. Great videos attract new leads.

In a recent study, 83 percent of all businesses stated that videos provide an excellent return on investment. Yes, it is not cheap to make marketing videos. Nevertheless, the ROI you get from it all justifies the decision to produce them in the first place. What is more, you are likely to find a more efficient tool for creating videos, which then allows you to finish the entire project fast. This way, you save both time and money, which could always multiply the cost of online marketing further, thus eating into your revenues and potential profits.

Do you trust your clients? Do they trust you? Are you wondering how the two of you can develop a mutually trustworthy relationship? After all, conversions and sales will suffer without trust between the two of you. In this regard, you have several options here, especially if you are concerned about marketing your business. Videos offer you the best tool for doing all that. Moreover, videos allow you to not only create but also provide your audience with the right information. Videos offer the chance for improved client engagement and ignition of emotions.

It is also worth mentioning that videos have become integral to website ranking. If in doubt, then you should dash over to check the factors that Google – the world’s largest search engine – relies on for ranking sites. How does this happen? For starters, visitors will spend more time on your site watching the videos you posted. What is more, the videos don’t even have to be fresh since the old is just as effective as new ones. Therefore, embed videos on your site and see its chances of showing up first on Google improve by an impressive 53 percent.

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Videos are perfect for explaining stuff

Business Online in the 21st Century

In case you don’t know, there are more than 4.98 billion people who use mobile devices around the world. What is more, most of these users find videos attractive for several reasons. Videos offer entertainment, distractions, and information in a few brief seconds or minutes. Moreover, the content featured on videos also tends to be easier to understand. Consequently, any 21st Century business that wants to enjoy great success in marketing has to include videos in all its campaigns. Otherwise, it will not achieve as much success as it imagined.

Additionally, it is essential to mention the role that videos play in explaining things. Some stuff might be hard to explain with text. However, videos offer great explanations that allow users – or the intended audience – to grasp what the marketing brand is saying. Is your brand interested in marketing on Shopify? Then, in that case, it should invest in videos. Videos help brands to increase their sales on Shopify and other similar marketing platforms. By boosting sales, the brand gives itself a better chance of increasing its profits too.

As most online – and offline – businesses know, no two buyers are the same. Some buyers are interested in your products from the first minute. Others need more convincing and are a bit lazy or uninterested in what your brand has to offer. However, you can give this second group a solid reason for looking at your brand’s products. How do you do that? Invest in quality videos with relevant, engaging, and useful content. This way, your most uninterested buyers will have a reason or two for considering what you sell. After all, videos are easily consumable.

Videos are easily shareable on social media

Lastly, it’s also crucial to mention the perfect synergy that exists between videos and social media. No other type of content encourages consumers to click the “Share” button on social media more than videos. For these videos to be easily shareable, they need to be full of emotions rather than facts. Consumers are more likely to share emotional content, as it tugs at their hearts and minds. The raw emotions that such videos elicit in consumers convince them to hit “Share” faster than they can say “Online marketing further.”

As evidenced here, you have more than one way of marketing your business online. Whichever strategy, approach, or tool you use, do not forget to include videos too. It will give you the oomph you need to take your online marketing campaigns to the next level. Therefore, introduce videos in all your Shopify marketing endeavors. The results you get will leave you impressed and wondering why you never started on this path early enough. All the same, it is never late to embark on Internet marketing using videos.