​​This machine works with opp lable in rotary style with 55*60 micron and with hot melt glue. The capacity of this machine is 10000 bottles per hour in the condition that the space beetween this machine to former and furthur machines is at least 6 meter and also enough space for storing bottles from input and output rails
Machine has electricity monitor that shows in touch screen style
Machine appearance is stainless steel (304)
All pneumatic equipment of machine are fostovokamozi 
In addition , it is necessary that the lable place on bottle should be roller style and also it shouldnt exist any notch or any diameter difference in lable place on the bottle 
Lable print should be helyo (cylinder) otherwise dealer corpration doesnt accept any responsibility for section size
Lable size in overlaps is min 8 mm and max 14 mm . Error percentage for standing overlaps on each other in attention to upper condition is 1.5 mm
Machine has 18 month guarantee and 20 years sevices

power consumptionair consumptionoutputcontainer volume
15KW120NL/Min2000 - 10000250-2000cc