power consumptionair consumptionoutputmax roll widthheight(mm)diameter(mm)

​For putting in line bulk plastic (pet , polyetheylene , ...) in 2.3 or 4 rows without ray for products like mineral water, yogurt drink ,
beverages and etc
The machine has two compartments , configuration table and heating tunel
The configuration table is arranging the final pack (maximum 6*4) as desired
The machine is using one plasttic roll only
The nylon is cut according to size of pack and wrapped around the pack in such a way that two cut edges are facing each other
The machine operates without welding bar and while passing through the heation tunel the overlapped sections of pack joins together firmly. inside tunel hot air circulation is realized by heating elements and circulation fans
The machine is full automatic in operation and is equipped with electronic speed control (PLC) , Touch screen monitor and electronic speed control (frequency invertor) is equipped with control system for the compressed air and existence of plastic and container film
Fabrication materials : All electric , electronic and pneumatic components used in machine is west european made